Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Forgotten Heroes...

                       Heroes are remembered but Legends never die. I liked this quote but wonder if it is still true. Because I think we are beginning to forget our Legends. The mere fact that 'someone in his youth could think of giving up his life just to give a message or erect an army against the mighty British without political support' gives me chills. We should keep the faith and respect all those who gave their lives for us. #JaiHind

के जिनके बलिदान के बिस्तर पर, हम चादर ताने सोते हैं,

भूल बैठे हैं आहुति उनकी, के ख़्वाब बड़े...पर दिल छोटे हैं,

के जीते थे जो हम-तुम के लिए, शहादत पे उनकी हम क्यूँ रोते हैं,

के आओ नमन करें उन वीरों को, और खुशियों के बीज बोते हैं,

के मोक्ष मिले हर साये को, जो सरहद पर जीवन खोते हैं,

के बेनाम नहीं शहीद हैं वो, वो देश के बेटे होते हैं...वो देश के बेटे होते हैं ||

I know independence day is yet to come but Birth Anniversary of any of our heroes is no less than The Independence Day itself.Just felt like doing this "Happy Birthday to Chandrashekhar Azad : 23rd July".  

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Just breathe and be happy...

                    Strolling in the depths of the mighty sea is something you should feel yourself rather than just reading about it but until that time you can look through my eyes. I have known SCUBA diving for long (thanks to Discovery and NatGeo ) but wanting to do it was rather new. 

The feeling was strong, company was cool,
Time was ripe, Indian ocean it was & not just a pool,

       SCUBA is not just Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus but it is Super-Cool, Ultimate, Breathtaking ( literally ) and Awesome. It's like time has hit a blur. You can feel every moment and live many in each one of them. It teaches you the importance of each breath, the meagreness of our being, an absolute calm and the amazing view is just the added bonus. It is meditation at it's divine best. Everyone should try it at least once and I am sure you will be tempted for more.
           The instructors at #DiveGoa made my experience even more pleasurable. It was nice to shake a fin with a team so passionate. If you dive in goa, make sure it's  DiveGoa.