Sunday, 30 August 2015

Raanjhanaa : #loveinspiration

"सजदे में वो थे, और दुआ हमारी क़ुबूल हो गयी..."

Love story depicted in the movie Raanjhanaa is by far the most inspiring one I have ever come across. Although the two of them didn't end up together but the setting was perfect for a raanjhanaa.

Love at first sight it was, as true as it can be,
 she is everywhere, it's all he can see

knows no boundaries, knows no fear,
just wanna love her, and hold her dear

it's a pity she didn't love him,
 shunned him away,
but he never learned to not-love her,
without her...he wouldn't last a day,

she was everything for him,
he loved her unconditionally anyway,
His love couldn't prevail,
she wouldn't believe him-no matter what he say,

He didn't know what to do besides loving her,
so he loved her to the last breath,
gave up his life for love,
and proved his love in life and in death...

Indispire Edition 80: Love comes in all shapes & sizes. Blog about a love story that inspires you the most! #loveinspiration

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

मेरी कहानी #Poetryonopposites

मेरी कहानी

मैं मुश्किल हूँ, मैं आसां भी,

कभी जीत हूँ मैं, तो कभी हार हूँ मैं,

मैं मद्धम हूँ, मैं कोमल हूँ,

और चीते सी रफ़्तार हूँ मैं,

मैं ये भी हूँ, मैं वो भी हूँ,

के सीमित नहीं अपार हूँ मैं, के सीमित नहीं अपार हूँ मैं ||


Monday, 10 August 2015

Different Strokes : The other side of me

“Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic, 
capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.”
                                                                                                                                                                                       -Albus Dumbledore

                 Words are magical indeed and that makes the pen my wand(Hope it chose me too and not just the other way around).

“Poetry is eternal poetry is pure, give me pen and close the door,

Have a lot to say but time no more, Just let it flow and let me roar...”

             Sometimes  I wonder what would be more scintillating than a few words woven together to capture emotions and let  them spill just enough to  create magic. Alas...sketching it is. It is as beautiful as poetry and has so much potential without even using a single word. Yes it’s been a long time since my last but I still love it and hope will be back with something new. Here are some of my favorite one but not without a slice of poetry...

के अर्से बाद ये कलम, खुल कर साँस ले पाया है,

कहने को था जो बेताब, वो आज गाकर सुनाया है ;

  ज़ेहन में भटक रहा था, बेबस सा एक ख़याल,

बस आज... काग़ज़ पर उतर आया है...