Saturday, 27 February 2016

Living in Fear: Perennial Wars

        Working in healthcare gives you enough opportunity to get acquainted with the panic, fear, chaos and death but it all happens in sort of civilized and controlled environment. No matter how composed you consider yourself, things tend to go out of control more often than you can imagine. The world around us seems to me crumbling upon itself but are thing actually as bad as it appears on news channels. For all those who have not seen the chaos inside these riots happening around us...I would pray that they never get to see it and for those who had...maybe even god cannot do enough for them. 

          The riots and lawlessness gripping the national capital region is probably the worst thing that has happened in recent times. Hearts drenched in fear, eyes oozing with sorrow, the tragic first person accounts and all that negativity smeared over the media, it gives me chills. I thought I could feel their pain but I was mistaken.

         I watched a movie today which I did not know existed till now and it shook me. This movie ‘Firaaq’ depicts the aftermath of Gujarat riots without being politically biased and it is spot on. You have to watch it to feel these riots from the inside and how they affected the lives of thousands of innocent people who had nothing to do with the violence. This movie is an honest attempt to sensitize the masses and the powerful performances of exceptional actors makes it believable. I would recommend this movie to each and everyone because if it cannot move you...nothing will and that would be the ultimate doomsday, the end of civilization. 

दुनिया में कितना ग़म है, मेरा ग़म कितना कम है ;

जलता वो घर मेरा है नहीं, ये पागलपन मेरा भ्रम है ;

हम लाख सही पर एक हैं हम, तन्हा होकर हम क्या हम हैं ;

के आओ थाम लें हम हाथ उनका, जिनकी गुम है हँसी और आँखें नम है ||

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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sharma MD: A Medico TV Series

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set,

I go into the other room and read a book”

                                                                                                 -Groucho Marx

           It is true that a visual impression lasts longer in our memory than audio or texts but I doubt everything we see is worth retaining. It looks like the technology took the supersonic jet towards innovation but content somehow missed the flight. TV is called the ‘idiot box’ for a reason and I bet it has something to do with the shows. Nowadays, we have a plethora of TV channels which we can flip through for hours but only a few that can give some rest to the remote. I love the fast paced, content driven shows with least amount of excess baggage and the typically nice ones would include the following:

1. The crime thriller classic- Castle

2. History & Mythology shows on Epic- Devlok, Epicgrams etc

3. The ones with positive vibes- Zindagi isi ka naam hai hosted by Amitabh Bachchan himself

4. Almost anything on Natgeo- Genius

5. Sci-fi & fantasy- Agents of shield

If I Could Create A TV Show...

If I could make a TV show it would definitely be a story set in an Indian hospital. We have seen some classics on English television like House MD and Greys anatomy but none on Indian channels. Long time back a show called ‘sanjivani’ was born but it soon turned into the same old love triangle and sas-bahu drama. I really crave for a medico show with realistic characters and believable situations. I think the real Indian doctor has never been portrayed on TV and their poor brand image as projected in biased media reports is making the situation worse. Most of the times the good work fails to come out of the gremlin-stricken facade and the incessant efforts of the doctors remains unappreciated. We only get to see the MunnaBhais (funny but unreal) and the money hungry goons in ‘Gabbar is back’ and the media never misses an opportunity to paint an ugly picture on their face. I guess the Idiot box is getting sicker and we should call a doctor before it’s too late. I can only imagine the possibilities...the comic scenarios, the clinical cases, the intense drama, emotional turmoil, the twists & turns and the ironies...all concentrated in a single show. 

Why a Medico TV show should be made?

- It’s a novel concept on Indian television and it has never been seen.

- It’s intriguing and intellectual shows are anyway scarce on the Idiot box.

- Who wouldn’t like an intense series with the script in main lead and may be a comic twist?

- It has the potential to become the next big thing on TV.

- It is required to portray the real life of a medico and create a positive image.

- We all need a break from the ichchadhari nevla’.

           The list may go on forever but I don’t need any more reasons to make a TV show out of it and if I could ever make it a reality.....I will.

I hope you like it:-)

            This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. This week’s WOW prompt is – ‘If I Could Create A TV Show’.