Monday, 13 October 2014

Scoop-oops: Got it all’s a befitting reply

8 year old male comes to a doctor holding his abdomen and crying in pain , he was shattered and confused but the doctor  cut him open and takes out his appendix and cures him. He should be ashamed of his act. The poor patient  had to go through such a horrible ordeal when he wanted to keep his appendix intact. This was the story in SCOOPWHOOP style.

This is so irresponsible to blame someone without  knowing anything and foolish to follow it blindly.

To set things straight, here are some real facts :

-All medical procedures (including general examination in O.P.D.s) are  done only after consent of the patient himself or his guardian in case of minors. In O.P.D.s it is called implied consent.

-Two finger test ???Might have been performed previously but so was witch hunting. It was deemed medically irrelevant and not done now a days and  It had nothing to do with hymen.

-Pelvic examination or per vaginal examination or PV exam: The findings are medically relevant and not just for sadistic pleasure. Refer here for details :

-Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has set guidelines (last updated in 2013)for forensic medical examination of sexual assault victim. Even Per vaginal  examination  is not must in children if no history of penetration or if parent/guardian  refuses. Complete guidelines for reference  :

-Even when it is done (or any other painful procedure), we are comfortably away from 18th century  to use painkillers, sedatives and anesthesia.

-Article 21: Protection of life and personal liberty. No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law. It has nothing to do with a procedure done under Government issued guidelines with proper consent.

-The pictures  in a post might be moving but please check the source first...I am sure none of it will take you to the ‘horrifying’ two finger test.

Use your own brain.

Speak up:
Defaming a noble profession is insulting. If you know anybody who is doing it, speak up. Doctors are on your side.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


                 These movies have just one thing in common- ‘a positive energy’ so strong that will light up each and every  corner of your souls. They all have a message to take home, each beautifully gift wrapped in delicate layers of entertainment to make a complete package. They are here to revolutionize the concepts of #education, #social responsibility, #religion, #politics and #terrorism. You will have to watch them to experience the thrill.

“Some movies make you laugh and some make you cry but the best ones make you think

Here are some movies that will charge up some neurons for sure so be prepared to meet the new you:-

3 Idiots - ‘An Aamir khan 300 crore masterpiece’ : If you were waiting for a sign that will make you fight for your dreams...then this is it. It has this immense positive energy that you needed for that extra push. It portrays so beautifully that you can fight all odds if you believe in yourself  and success will follow if you have the courage to follow your dreams. Dreams do come true.

Bawarchi  - ‘A  Rajesh  Khanna  classic from the 70’s’: It is amazing to see how 'kaka' simplifies the intricate relationships of a dynamic family. You will know how little things can make  big changes.  It will compel  your heart to beat for your family. More than  just a 'family entertainer'.

Oh My  God - ‘OMG’ :  A perfect balance between science and religion. An atheist meets the God and religion is redefined in the process...its up to you what you choose to believe. It is not against God but tells you how you can come closer to him and against popular belief temples are not  ‘the toll stations’ on ‘highway to heaven’.  A ‘holy trail’ for us to follow.

Bhootnath Returns  - ‘And what a comeback’ :  It is a movie so intelligently written that it ends up being too good to be  just  a sequel . This political satire  cum children movie will motivate you to come out and vote .  You sure can do what a ‘bhoot’ can.

A Wednesday  -  ‘24 hrs of high adrenaline Drama’ : It is a perfect blend of amazing script, soul stirring dialogues  and powerful performances  of  bollywood veterans executed to absolute perfection. A common man’s fight against terrorism takes the big guns with a surprise. An absolute stunner.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Why Doctors are leaving India...

                 The doctors  often  end up at the receiving end of public’s fury or govt’s  vote wooing  policies or media’s one sided stories but what’s their side of the story? It is still only some mysterious speculation. The truth is that our healthcare system is as ruthless and unforgiving for the doctors as it is for the patients. Politicians and bureaucrats take up all the breathing space in the system and doctors remain crammed up in the corners. It takes their heart and soul to become a doctor over nearly ten grilling years of otherwise enjoyable youth to come face to face to their dreams  But only a few of these dreams can survive in the real world. 

                  The story starts with a young , energetic and ever hopeful medial aspirant who stumble down the rabbit hole and wonders where he landed. Of the nearly 6 lakh aspirants entering the maze each year only a handful reach the treasure chest of super specialization (DM/Mch) only to realize that the treasure chest is empty and it has to be filled with even more hard work over the rest of their life. Nearly 10 years of study and nowhere to go.  Most of the few jobs offered in government sector are contractual only and does not allow private practice along with many other unnecessary limitations. Stringent rules for small clinics and huge capital and time required to get settled is not everyone’s cup of tea.  The private sector is rapidly going corporate ways with little scope for autonomy and more work per penny. The doctors are just trapped in a mess and only easy way out opens beyond the borders. It doesn't mean doctors don’t earn enough  but  that there are very few options and leaving so much to  chance after so much of hard work is demoralizing. some leave for further studies, some for jobs and some just to get away but ultimately all are chasing their dreams only. It is ironical how India is promoting medical tourism and the doctors are leaving the country.

Doctors are being used as mere pawns  for political gains. Compulsory rural posting is just one such example. Yes it is a noble cause but the doctor has earned his right to make his own choice. Yes they are in a noble profession but they have put a lot of time and money to ask for their due.  Yes they go on a strike but not with the  intention of killing someone but to fight for their  own right to work in a safe and secure environment .  yes they endorse certain drugs or brands sometimes based on their experience or belief and  not always for monetary gains . yes they charge hefty consultation fee sometimes but  the sleepless nights they spend remain unnoticed. Doctors are  also humans but their superhuman hard work should not be overlooked. There are good and bad people in each and every profession and things need not be generalized for everyone.
                    Please take a moment and try to understand what a person goes through to become a doctor and you will know what he deserves...