Tuesday, 7 October 2014


                 These movies have just one thing in common- ‘a positive energy’ so strong that will light up each and every  corner of your souls. They all have a message to take home, each beautifully gift wrapped in delicate layers of entertainment to make a complete package. They are here to revolutionize the concepts of #education, #social responsibility, #religion, #politics and #terrorism. You will have to watch them to experience the thrill.

“Some movies make you laugh and some make you cry but the best ones make you think

Here are some movies that will charge up some neurons for sure so be prepared to meet the new you:-

3 Idiots - ‘An Aamir khan 300 crore masterpiece’ : If you were waiting for a sign that will make you fight for your dreams...then this is it. It has this immense positive energy that you needed for that extra push. It portrays so beautifully that you can fight all odds if you believe in yourself  and success will follow if you have the courage to follow your dreams. Dreams do come true.

Bawarchi  - ‘A  Rajesh  Khanna  classic from the 70’s’: It is amazing to see how 'kaka' simplifies the intricate relationships of a dynamic family. You will know how little things can make  big changes.  It will compel  your heart to beat for your family. More than  just a 'family entertainer'.

Oh My  God - ‘OMG’ :  A perfect balance between science and religion. An atheist meets the God and religion is redefined in the process...its up to you what you choose to believe. It is not against God but tells you how you can come closer to him and against popular belief temples are not  ‘the toll stations’ on ‘highway to heaven’.  A ‘holy trail’ for us to follow.

Bhootnath Returns  - ‘And what a comeback’ :  It is a movie so intelligently written that it ends up being too good to be  just  a sequel . This political satire  cum children movie will motivate you to come out and vote .  You sure can do what a ‘bhoot’ can.

A Wednesday  -  ‘24 hrs of high adrenaline Drama’ : It is a perfect blend of amazing script, soul stirring dialogues  and powerful performances  of  bollywood veterans executed to absolute perfection. A common man’s fight against terrorism takes the big guns with a surprise. An absolute stunner.

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