Saturday, 8 November 2014

Achievers of Indian Origin : To be Proud or Not

                       India is emerging as a big time winner in almost everything. There is hardly any list or award where India has missed the mark and even if it does, someone with Indian origin comes up to save the day. I mean we are everywhere from Nobel to Oscars ,Times  to Forbes, Politics to Medicine and Research , Sports to Entertainment and so on. Every now and then there is a news that someone of Indian origin has won this or that or become a CEO of a big firm or something like that.  Do I feel  proud ? yes, definitely but one thing comes to my mind every time.

Why do they have to leave India to reach that potential ? or in other words ,
Why India failed to keep the potential winners and achievers  here ? and 
why do they keep drifting away?

                         Another question arises that Why the Indians themselves can’t achieve the same? so that the  origin tag can be done away with. I have been thinking  and I could think of two reasons only :

                One is that we are one of the oldest civilizations, leading in population and  have NRI’s all over the world  or at least their  origin can be traced back to India. So the probability of any achiever being an Indian increases many folds. And not just achievers but some of the victims of international crimes/disasters happen to be Indian. Remember  the oil tanker hijack , Russian submarine that sank or any other such event that made it to the news. In fact I  read an article long time back which stated that there are only three countries in the world that do not have any  NRI i.e. Vatican city (the smallest country with least population) and our neighbors Bhutan(mostly dependent on India and no job opportunities)  and Pakistan (All Pakistanis are NRI’s in a way).

                       The other reason is what made me write this article. It is clear that the Indians have got potential but  the Government has not made enough attempts to tap this potential  or has failed completely . And   this cannot be blamed on the NRI’s because they are doing  what is best for them and  for their dreams and It is a shame that the opportunities in India cannot match the people of such caliber. I think they are the real treasure being kept in other countries and the government should make efforts to bring them back or at least start working in the direction of preventing  this brain drain. Such minds would help India grow in a much better way than the black money being cried about.

                        We should be proud that people of Indian origin are emerging as winners globally but I would be much more happy and proud when we as Indians can do it ourselves, like the Mangalyaan by ISRO.... hats off to them.

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