Monday, 29 December 2014

In The Name Of The GOD

        Religion: To me it was and it still is a way to seek answers, explain the unexplained, it is the eternal pursuit  of god and it is to give hope.

          Religion is as pure as god himself but the big question is...Is it anymore? Personal gains of some political and so-called religious groups have breached the sanctity of this holy system.  It is shameful that it is being achieved by hurting others. Religion has become a mere puppet dancing to their  tunes and is slowly losing its grandeur.


       Religion today is not seeking answers but giving fatwas, they seem to know everything , they have already found god and seems even talked to him/her in person and it is thriving on terror and slowly killing all hope.

          We cannot and should not gauge one religion on a scale of the other. It is bound to create conflicts. History has never seen a time where only one religion prevailed and it seems equally unlikely to happen in near future. Each religion has its own soul and philosophy and they are all meant to exist in peace.

So let us open up our minds and let the GOD guide us again.

NOTE :-It is true that a coin has two sides but what if it is a ball instead of a coin?

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