Monday, 19 January 2015

बस एक कदम और...

Like everything else in this universe...death is also a relative state of mind and/or body. It is the death of a ‘desire’ when someone gives up his dreams, death of ‘conscience’ when someone cheats and death of a soul when someone kills somebody. Yes I know soul never dies...may be not absolutely but relatively...yes it does. And yes...body dies too and whether it enters the afterlife or not is just a speculation But the afterlife of the loved ones left behind in this mortal world to suffer is much more real and something I have been through. They say life goes on...but they missed the ‘HOW’ part.

इन लम्हों की बेशर्मी पे हैरां हूँ, के चलती रही साँसें...खुद ज़िंदगी को खोकर...
चुकाई हर हँसी की कीमत, घंटों अंधेरे में रोकर,

के जाने ये वक़्त कैसे हर बार मात दे जाता है,
खुद भी जलकर देख लिया, पर अंधेरा लौट ही आता है...

Some emerge enlightened but some continue to rot in this hell. It's the phase when people come together and find the strength to live on and it is this afterlife where people seek god and try to understand the meaning of life.

तैरने चले थे दरिया में, बीच रस्ते बरसात हो गयी,
ढूँदने निकले थे खुदा को, और खुद से मुलाक़ात हो गयी.

This positive attitude is what keeps people going. Their lives changes when they meet death.

This post is a submission to the IndiSpire topic #DeathisBeginning

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