Saturday, 30 May 2015


“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?”
                                      - Albus Dumbledore (He seems to have an answer for everything)

                  If I had to answer this in one word, it would have been "Everything". It certainly sums it up but can't really describe the emotional turmoil which triggers the intense desire to be back in time and steal one more hug, one more kiss or just...just something. It seems so hard to contain this restless soul in my physical being but may be I am getting good at it...

" छलक जाए ना इस दिल से कोई ग़म , के अक्सर यूँही हंस लिया करता हूँ,

टूट जाता था जिनपर आँसुओं का बाँध , उन जज़्बात को कस लिया करता हूँ,

के ख़ौफ़ नहीं अब और किसी का, बस फिर से मरने से डरता हूँ..."


We may try but not missing them is just not an option...

" उन्हें भूल पाना अब मुमकिन नहीं , के ये कोमल एहसास ही साँसों का सहारा बन गया,

साहिलों से नाता टूटे ज़माना हो चला, के उफनते इस सागर में ये तिनका ही सहारा बन गया..."

                    We should not be sad because they are not here and we can't see them...but we should smile because they lived. They are watching us and we can make them happy by being someone they would want us to be...

                     This post was written for indispire edition 67 : What do you miss most about people who are no longer in your life or have stopped being someone important ? #Missme

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