Saturday, 13 June 2015

मेरी पहली काव्य रचना : Gratitude #HugYourDad


                My parents have always been my inspiration and I am glad you asked me about it. My father's righteousness, dedication & sincerity for his work and his simplicity has been the benchmark I have been striving to achieve. He talks less but says a lot. His role and responsibilities have been on a shape-shifting spree for a while and has evolved a lot since my beloved mother passed away few tears back. My parent's scuffle with time and adversities have provided us with a decent platform where we can chase our dreams and be free. Although any words would be insufficient to express my gratitude but I tried nevertheless. I penned this poem down in an attempt to pay a tribute to my wonderful parents and presented it to them when I returned home after completing my MBBS, which happened to be my father's birthday too...1st of january, 2009. It is not just a poem but a conglomeration of emotions which can hardly be put in words. Worthy or not, but here it very first poem...#Gratitude #LoveMyParents

के अब ये सफ़र बीत जाने को है,  के अब ये कारवाँ मंज़िल पाने को है...

 यूँ तो ये राह आसां न थी,  के  छू लूँ आसमान....बस इसी होड़ में था,
पर लगने न पाया पाँव में काँटा भी कोई, क्यूंकी मैं तो आपकी गोद में था,

सींचा न होता....गर प्यार से इस जीवन को,  सच्चे मोती की तरह....गर सँवारा न होता,
तो होता न महरबाँ....भगवान भी मुझपर,  गर मेरे हाथों को आपकी उंगली का सहारा न होता,

शाखों पे फूल सा खिलाया इस जीवन को, कैसे सम्भव  ये एक बीज से होता,
गर शुरू करता मैं उसी शून्य से, तो आज....यहाँ न होता,

कहते हैं वो बसा कण-कण में है,  पर मैने उसे बस आप ही में पाया है,
पाऊँ हर जन्म में बस आप ही को,  गर करे क़रम...वो जिसने हमें बनाया है,

के अब साथ मिलकर चलना है, और आगे बढ़ते जाना है,
इस मशाल को बुलंद कर, अनंत दीपों को जलना है,

के अगाज़ है ये एक नये सफ़र का,  जिसमें खुशियाँ  हैं.....विलास है,
के मंज़िलों में क्या रखा है, गर हर राह में अपनों का साथ है...विश्वास है....

                         I am sure it stands true for all the parents of this world and it would be my pleasure to share this poem with each one of them. I hope you can help me in this endeavor. The best gift we can give to our parents is to be there for them when they need us the most. They have been doing it all their life for us, it's our turn now. Let's us gift some smiles this father's day...and let them know that we love them as much as they do. Hope you like it and your parents like it too...

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.

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