Tuesday, 9 June 2015

" ॐ " #QuestionsForGod

God helps those who help themselves. So, we should just try to find answers ourselves and not wait for someone else, not even GOD to do it for us. I am not being an atheist but just practical.  Having a question is not a bad thing but being preoccupied with raising new queries is bound to limit your capabilities.
" There are so many things I do not understand, so many I cannot explain,

So many uncertainties and so much pain,

A scruple about somethings and a question that resurfaces ever again,

But there is one thing I do not want, just one thing I choose to refrain,

Don’t ask HIM everything, just the strength to rise again,

If we are true enough to the cause, there is nothing we cannot attain…"

God is here to help us all and I am sure he knows his job well. He will answer all our calls if we can prove ourselves worthy of it and instead of asking questions, we should just thank him.

" करके फ़रियाद जाने क्यूँ उसे शर्मिंदा किया करते हैं, ख़बर जिसे हर राज़-ए-दिल की है,

के हर कामयाबी चूमेगी ख़ुद ही कदम, गर हम उनके क़ाबिल भी हैं..."


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