Friday, 9 October 2015

Epic: A tribute to Indian History

  I have grown up watching discovery and nat-geo and the history channel was also promising. But they were mostly about European and American history and accomplishments. I was pleasantly surprised to see a channel dedicated to the Indian history and that too in HD. The creators deserves an applause for their effort. Welcome to the savior of Indian history : EPIC HD. I am no expert but I have always cherished the enormity of Indian history. Here are links to few of my posts on history :




                It’s a pity that the tales of our glorious past are lying in ruins. This channel is a small step which will take us closer to our own roots. Everyone should check it out and I am sure you will find something to soothe your taste buds, be it cricket, movies, ancient architecture, stories, food or legends. So just tune into EPIC HD and be ready to be amazed.

Find more about it at :

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