Thursday, 8 October 2015

Smile with McCain

“You can be sure it’s fresh- If it’s frozen.” British Frozen Food Federation

             I have always been a foodie and snacking has fed me more than regular meals because of extended duty hours, late night studies and an aversion to the food served in hostel mess or canteens. Being a medico has its own drawbacks but luckily I met McCain in the process. I like to cook but not every food likes me. Ready to cook McCain snacks plays well to my strengths. Although there were more than many occasions when I enjoyed McCain products with family and friends but few moments have lasted the test of time. McCain Chilli Garlic Potato Bites were my mom’s favorite. She was very easy to please and a quick snack was all that used to do the trick. I remember the time when I was in Goa with my beloved wife for a vacation. I used to cook her breakfast each day to make her feel special and experiment with anything I got my hands on. One day I jumbled up an exotic omelette with McCain Super Wedges at the base and was spot on. Not just the quarterly vacations but McCain have spiced up our weekends too. A homemade burger with McCain Aloo Tikki was all that my taste buds craved for on weekends. McCain snacks but they were always a part of our tea breaks and small gatherings at home. McCain has always been the perfect escape route to a fun time even when we were not expecting guests. McCain French fries and Smiles blend well with the kids too. If potato is the king of snacks (ChandraGupt Maurya) then McCain would surely be the great Chanakya himself. Just love the fact that they are healthy “better for us” and tasty “fun to eat”. You should try it for sure, it will change the way you snack forever.

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