Sunday, 10 July 2016

Catching up lost growth of children

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How important, in your opinion, is it for children to catch up on lost growth?

           I came across horlicks growth plus @ over the internet and i could instantly relate to it and decided to write about it on my blog. Watching their children grow bigger and smarter is probably the best gift to reward the efforts of all the loving parents. With so many kids in my family (nephews and nieces only because my little one haven’t showed up yet) It is easy to spot that each kid responds differently and not everyone can catch up with all the expected milestones despite a healthy and nutritious diet and the parents end up blaming themselves for not doing enough. I said I could relate to it because I am also a pediatrician and coming across children whose parents think that they are not growing enough is almost a daily routine.

        A baby’s nutrition starts with a healthy mother who conceives and
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nurtures the baby with all that she has. A healthy mother, thus, can prevent a lot of future deficiencies by providing adequate stores for the baby. The next important step is to breast feed the baby exclusively for first six months of life and start complementary feeding with home based feeds as soon as the child turns 6 months old. This is another crucial turn because if the additional solid feeds fails to complement the continuing breast feed and fill the energy gap, the child will not be able to grow as expected. This is where many kids falter and lag behind. The parents end up complaining that their young ones have become too picky and choosy to eat what everyone else in the family is eating and the kids mostly survive on junk foods. With all the right steps and counselling etc, this downslide in their growth curves can still be prevented. But to do that the children would not only have to reach the expected calorie intake and diets but also catch up on the deficient nutrients and eventually build up adequate stores for optimal growth. You should always consult your doctor for complete evaluation of the child before you start with any intervention.

         Although a balanced diet chiseled out from family foods is best for optimal
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growth but you may require commercially available preparations, if you have some catching up to do. And Horlicks growth plus is exactly what you need here. It is a specialized nutrition product designed by international pediatric experts for children in age group of 3-9 years who are lagging behind in height and weight. It contains high quality whey protein with added nutrients that are known to enable children to catch up on lost growth. It has been clinically proven for visible growth in children in 6 months and isn’t it great?

        You just have to add Horlicks growth plus to the normal diet of the kid and it will take care of the rest. You will never have to bother about the growth of your child because he will reach all the heights that he/she is destined to achive and all that with only a simple step. So, just get out and grab Horlicks growth plus from the nearest store and thank me late.

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