Monday, 25 July 2016

Income tax made easy: #TaxPledge

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             I am yet to meet a person who loves filing taxes; of course I am not talking about the CAs and consultants who do it for a living. Who would want to pay for something you can’t measure in objective terms. It is like shelling out your hard earned money for buying something you don’t know or understand (you would know if you have ever tried to fill an old ITR form). Also, mathematics has not been found to be friendly with most brains and outsourcing has evolved to be more like an Indian trait. Seriously speaking, filing taxes has been the ugly duckling of finance and economics for long but the times have changed now. 

               In the e-age, filing taxes is as easy as pokemongo. Filing taxes has its own benefits but I would like to talk more about e-filing because this is what has given a beautiful makeover to this ugly duckling (visit  for e-filing your taxes ). 

1. Feel the power: File your taxes yourself in a few easy steps and feel like an     expert yourself. Once you do it, you will realize how easy it has always been. 

2. Get enlightened (and zip those pockets): E-filing your tax gives you             access to all the information you need at one stop. You can learn hows and         ifs of   taxes  and  where  you can save money. It will empower you to know       what entitles you for rebates and take decisions wisely.

3. Get your money back: If you know what goes where, you can fix this             jigsaw puzzle in no time. If you have paid your tax through your employer         but missed to report your savings on time (it is difficult when you tend to          miss the deadlines often like me or if you pay your saving premiums in               march). 

4. Make a difference: You will feel good when you pay your taxes on time. You     have to pay them anyway so just play safe and steer clear of the penalties.

           It’s a pity that less than 3% of Indians pay income tax. I am sure if we could make income tax a status symbol with coded PAN cards like platinum, gold, silver, etc, the collection would go up for sure and more people would oblige to upgrade. Let’s not be funny and take #taxpledge this year to file our taxes on time. There are still few days to go and I hope more and more people would join in this year. Let us share and encourage as much as we can. 

              I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.