Saturday, 19 September 2015

Fun on the go: #TATAskyTransfer

              Catching my favorite shows seemed impossible in between my shift duties. I was getting used to the feeling of being heartbroken after missing the movies I have been waiting to see for a long time. Tatasky made life my easier with recording feature. I could record any series or movie and watch it later at my own convenience. I am glad that I had tatasky by the time 'Agents of shield' came on air. But I remember not being able to watch a movie called 'The Fifth Estate' because of being a bit too busy despite the fact that I had it recorded on my tatasky. Luckily for me tatasky has come up with another fun saver with tatasky transfer. Isn't it amazing that you can stream your recorded videos to your smartphone. Now I will never miss any movie or show and I can watch it where ever I go. Thank you tatasky...

Never miss a flick, get it on tatasky,
Enjoy on the go, you've got to give it a try...

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