Saturday, 5 September 2015

My Love:#My2MinutePoem

2 minute noodles may have lost their throne but poetry is here to revive the 2 minute concept. Here's a teeny tribute to the Love of my life...My beautiful Wife. 


You are creative, You are smart,
Paint like Picasso, a master of art,

You are curvacious, You are slim,
Like a mermaid, just don't swim,

You are funny, You are cool,
More precious than any jewel,

You are amazing, You are the best,
'n' times better than all the rest,

You are sweet, You are nice,
So words can suffice,

You are beautiful, You are cute,
So one can refute,

You are fragile, You are kind,
Being there for you...I don't mind,

You are sexy, You are hot,
I fell in love...on the spot,

You are gorgeous, You are alluring,
You are the one...I love caring,

You are awesome, You are mine,
My darling, my valentine...

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