Friday, 11 December 2015

#ResponsibleTourism Summit 2015

                 Going to the #OutlookTraveller #ResponsibleTourism summit 2015 was the best thing happened to me in the last week. All the big names and bigger ideas together at the same place; a delight for the eyes and ears, especially the address by Prof. Harold Goodwin. The Eco-travel collection by Anupama Dayal showed how colorful responsible tourism can be. As much as it was enjoyable, it was informative too and I could feel the new me.

               I came to terms with the fact that I can be a responsible tourist for a few days or weeks only but for rest of the days or even my entire life I can be a responsible host. The number of people coming to my city is far more than the number of cities I could possibly ever  visit. We must acknowledge the uniqueness of our own neighborhood and play our part, however small it may be, in preserving the rich cultural heritage that lies around us. I have always been a history seeker (well! Not during school days) and I was pleasantly surprised to read about the history of Delhi and how the historical marvels scattered all around us tell a story for themselves. I feel proud to be living around them or to be a part of their history. But it’s a pity I was unaware about all this for so long and I am afraid I am not alone. In the run for our daily living, we often tend to ignore the palace, the fort and the gardens where the rulers of Delhi once strolled. What we can do is embrace the beauty of it and pass it on to our next generations. If each one of us can do that, I am sure we can make our city a better place for us and our guests. In a nutshell, if we are a responsible host...I am sure we will be a responsible tourist. I have written a few posts about Delhi and its prodigious history myself; hope it can make a difference.

              Another important point that the summit instigated in my mind was the fact that tourism is not an industry in itself but it is a bridge that connects all others be it transport, small/local industries, archaeology, hospitality, sanitation, advertising, food, medical and much more. For responsible tourism to take effect each of the industry will have to play their part. It makes this movement of #ResponsibleTourism a herculean task and its impact even bigger. I can only imagine if we can ever achieve it but one thing is certain that even a partial victory would make a monumental difference. So, let’s just buckle up and get started...

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