Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The pursuit of love: #ItsStillOkay

            I loved the movie #BajiraoMastani but I will refrain from turning this post into another movie review. You may already know about the highs and lows of the epic from reviews or the movie itself by now, so let’s sail higher and see the big picture. And if you are still sceptical about Shrimant Peshwa Baji Rao Ballal Balaji Bhat, this post may just add to it.

           When the movie took off I saw #BajiRao as the ultimate warrior who seemed invincible. At the zenith of his raging expedition he wanted only one thing...uprooting of the #Mughals and unifying India under one rule i.e. #Maratha, which is completely understandable. But as the reels turned, the warrior turned into a fanatic lover. How did that happen or what he actually wanted? Was it power, peace or love?
     Power is a definite yes but may be because he was brought up that way. He was molded to be a warrior and he turned out to be one of the best of that era, a #Maratha’s paradigm. He not only sought power but he achieved it. He became the peshwa of the Maratha empire at the tender age of 20 years. His sword was his first love indeed. He fought to win & fought till his last breath and died ultimately of war wounds.

       Peace! I mean peace of mind with a less complicated life. He may but he chose otherwise. He espoused #Mastani going against his religion, family, his own wife and the truck load of expectations everyone had for him. That too amid all the wars & religious stubbornness, so peace was never on the cards. 

        Love? Love is all that we seek. Even the mightiest of warriors fell to it; be it #BajiRao, #Prithviraj Chauhan, #Salim or someone else. Something on the Indian subcontinent caused a serious heart-brain wiring malfunction which drew them to love, it’s still unknown but definitely there. It was love or lunacy that a man, Shrimant Peshwa Baji Rao Ballal Balaji Bhat himself, who had it all  at his service, including a beautiful and loving wife, fell for someone who could never be more than a concubine. It could only have been love that he couldn't resist it, especially after being aware of the aftermath. I feel that it was #Mastani's love frenzy which dragged him into it but she was also the one who suffered the most. 

                 We have seen many lovers in the history of Indian anecdotes who succumbed to the intricate fallacies of love, #BajiRao was one of them. He won 41 major battles only to fall at the hands of love. Well! Falling in love and not getting through has a legacy of its own in India, with the khaps and all continuing with it. 

            So the word is that the mightiest of heroes, even of the likes of peshwa, shehzada, warrior or even the king himself may have a hard time with love and destiny; even the religion doesn’t seem to matter here. But as long as the pursuit of love goes on...#it’s still okay.

This post has been written for #Indispire Edition 96: Write a short-story/poem/one-liner or anything to capture your thoughts and end it with "Its Still Okay!" #ItsStillOkay