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The Nature Traveller: #ResponsibleTourism

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                   As much as I love travelling, I love being close to the nature. I have been to a lot of places but never away from the natural and scenic beauty. The serene landscape nourishes the soul and rejuvenates the torn out mind.  Now that we are old enough, it’s our turn to take care of the Mother Nature.

पाँव सूखे हुए पत्तों पर, अदब से रखना ज़रा,
के धूप में माँगी थी, पनाह इनसे कभी;

के ये पेड़, ये पौधे, ये झरने - पहाड़,
बेआबरू से खड़े हैं,  झोली फैलाए सभी ||

                  There is no running from the fact that the Mother Nature is getting older and falling ill with each passing day. It’s even hard to miss the hue and cry of global warming. It is not just a coincidence that a new city is falling prey to the wrath of the ailing nature every year, be it #Mumbai, #Kedarnath, #Srinagar or #Chennai. Looking at the present state of affairs, the best day to get started would be yesterday. Getting started may not be enough; we will also need a plan and it is amazing how simple and little things can make a big difference.

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                  Travelling responsibly is a lot many small things and not just a big word. The crux is to not do any harm and let the environment breathe easy. We must also look for ways to curtail the toxic wastes be it gases, plastics or any other thing. The problem is that most of these toxic materials have found a comfortable place in our daily routines and keeping them away would mean changing our habits and eventually our lives. But the day we realize the gravity of it, it wouldn’t be that impossible. Here is what you can still do to travel responsibly...

  •  Travel light: Well it is not just a travel tip but the fact that less stuff would mean less waste adds responsibility to it.
  • Use public transport as far as possible: Yes! It is not a typo. Getting out of the comforts of a SUV may be messy but using public transport will help cut the carbon emissions and also give you the opportunity to mingle with the locals. Even if you are using a car or your own transport, at least make sure it is properly serviced and get a PUC certificate. You can also carpool without compromising your own safety.
  • Avoid packaged snacks and use fruits: We have a very annoying habit of leaving more than just footprints at natural abodes. Left out wrappers are slowly becoming omnipresent. Besides the fact that many of these snacks are unhealthy, we forget that these wrappers are plastics and will never disintegrate or decompose. It is simple to keep them in a bag and dispose in the nearest dustbin. We should never leave them behind in any case but at least leaving fruit-skins would do less harm to the surroundings than plastics. You see fruits are healthier for the environment too.
  • Refill water bottles: Carrying your own water and getting it refilled would limit the number of useless but toxic bottles left behind. Even if you end up doing it, just drop the empty bottles at a local vendor for recycling instead of leaving it in open or even in the dustbin.
  • Plant more trees: You may feel there are already enough trees while going to a hill-station or something but planting a tree now will bear fruits for your children. Think of it like leaving a greener tomorrow for them. Remember the fruits you were eating on your trip, yes they have seeds too.  Take a moment to plant them anywhere you like and the nature will water them for you. Voila!!!
  • Live close to the nature; go camping, trekking etc.: It is good for bonding and the caring will come naturally to you. If you can see the beauty beyond the natural landscapes, you will do anything to preserve it.
  • Volunteer: Whenever you see a bottle...put it in the dustbin. It is that simple.
  • Don’t just do it...motivate others too... 

I am a sapling, I am a tree,
Plant some more and set me free;

I am a river, flowing to the sea,
Play as you want, just don’t hurt me;

I am the land, I am mother earth,
Be a good son and prove your worth...

Don't be a tourist, Be a Responsible Traveler.

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It also happens to be my 50th post, so cheers to that too.

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