Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Perfect Sunday: Recipe

                                                                         PREP TIME
                                                              Extempore or up to 6 days

                                                                         COOK TIME
                                                                             1 day

A PERFECT SUNDAY – all spiced up that can be had plain or served with spouse or buddies.
AUTHOR: doc2poet
CUISINE:  Indian
SERVES: 1 but tastes better with 2-3

INGREDIENTS (cup not used, all measurements are relative only)

For preparation:
  • 1 alarm clock= lose it
  • 1 phone handset= switch it off or at least put it on silent mode
  •  1 pamper your spouse 1 day prior to set the stage for the big day
  •  ¼ Get everything you need for Sunday breakfast in advance
  • Call friends as required.

For tempering the fun:
  •  1 do not disturb till I get up on my own
  •  1 large cup of tea/coffee
  •  ¼ newspaper
  • ½ your favourite(current) book
  • 1 laptop for scribbling something up on WOW post
  •  a generous pinch of gaming console
  •  ¼ visit to a serene, relatively unexplored historical site like Humayun’s tomb, Agrasen ki baoli or  Tuglakabad fort.
  •  2-3 Catch up with friends
  •   ¼ pre-dinner roadside snacks for starters
  •  Finish it off either at a hip place like HKV with live music and beer or with a sumptuous finger-licking      Non-veg food at Old Delhi (Kareem’s etc)
  • ¼ Late night walk with spouse/friends after an ice cream at India gate or faluda at Paharganj is    optional but highly recommended.


Marinating overnight:
  • Going to bed on Saturday night with the feeling that you don’t need to get up or be somewhere early is imperative to set the flavours for a perfect Sunday.

Setting the pace right:
  • Start the day off with a lazy morning to sink it in, get in the groove after the breakfast and kick your brain with reading, writing or gaming etc. Keeping in mind that the body is still slothful, plan an outdoor activity like exploring a historical marvel in your neighbourhood. Lurking around in the feasty meadows of roadside lip smacking snacks will prime your salivary glands for the fine dining binge. Satiating all your senses will end the perfect Sunday on a high and leave you wanting for more. Having a perfect Sunday will impel you to take it one step further the very next weekend.

There is no single recipe for a perfect Sunday but a day well spent is all that matters and you can explore a new perfect Sunday every weekend.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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