Sunday, 1 November 2015

Million Dollar Dream

" चन्द  सिक्कों  पे  गुरूर  न  कर    ग़ालिबये  वक़्त  की  रेत  में  खो जाया  करते  हैं "

           Million dollars is too big an amount to not make any difference and the mere thought of the possibilities that can turn into reality ‘If I had a million dollars’ just opens up the doorways to a new realm. But I believe that the best thing would be that I can continue to be me, the real me, the me I am now even, when I have a million dollars at my disposal. Of ‘course things would be a little more grand but the essence should remain the same. I love to travel, I relish writing, I enjoy my work, I cherish being part of charity and I crave for perfection in everything that I do. This is just a crux of what I am today and what I would like to be ‘If I had a million dollars’

         Another important aspect of this million dollar thought would be ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. We tend to spend each penny with caution when we have scarce resources but with a million dollars in our pocket it is upon us too to make each penny count. So let us just not be carried away with the weight of the bullion and try be true to our souls.

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