Sunday, 8 November 2015

परिचय : #IamSpecial

मैं शायर तो नहीं , पर इन जज़्बात का इस काग़ज़ से ज़रूर कोई नाता है ;

के लोग समझ पाते नहीं जो एहसास, वो अनायास ही इसपर उतर आता है...

           Hi there, It's been some time here on blogosphere and I already feel like at home. I am enjoying writing more than ever and all the credit goes to the people who have been supporting me. So here's me and my blog. I am a doctor by profession currently based in Delhi, a blogger by choice & a poet at heart and my blog is basically everything that comes to my mind. I like poetry and it happens to find a place in my almost every post. You can say a lot in just a few words with poetry...just love it. My hindi poetry blog is here too .Here are a few ones about me:

पाँव ज़मीं पर नहीं मेरे,  के इन बादलों पे सवार हूँ मैं,

के मैं हूँऔर मेरी तन्हाई इस ज़माने के पार हूँ मैं,

मैं ये भी हूँ...मैं वो भी हूँके सीमित नहीं अपार हूँ मैं,

सीमित नहीं अपार हूँ मैं ||

I have also been scribbling enough to come up with one sketch or more but it takes a lot of time to create one.

           I have also been dueling with guitars but have not yet tamed any. I love music though and there is nothing better than feeling it live. As of now, I am not sure how this blog will turn out but one thing is certain...that you will be intrigued to read it. Please review my blog and keep in touch...Would love to hear from you.

To Blog is to create, to connect, to share & to inspire.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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